i always end up thinking about the economic damage in superhero movies

"I’m not into guys. Will I figure it out and like investigate? yeah! That’s life. Like, I can understand Will… because I took the time to understand Will."

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icarus never dreamt of flying
persephone didn’t ask for a crown
daphne hardly wanted the love of a god

the myths are varied, true and false,
full of gods and monsters, fate and luck
but they are stories of more than magic
more than immortality and divinity

they are stories of people like you and me
people who didn’t pray for heroism
or for a throne high above on olympus

myths are stories of humans
who loved and lost like us
who fell from great heights
to even greater depths

the gods would never dare to tell
the secret of their myths:

but the truth is, the highest
form of divinity
is humanity.

—— all hercules wanted was family [x] (via lydiamaartin)
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rina,20 yr old, works at BUBBLES

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this movie was a cinematic masterpiece 

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We do what we must because we can

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さつき盆栽花季展 / Satsuki azalea bonsai exhibition